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Item # Q-08100PIGH
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used in KBL, Ergoline/Soltron Open Sun 550, and also as a substitute for the Supra Q-08100PIGY.

Item # Q-08100PIX
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used in Saturn (1 each for the facial) and JK Facial (older models).

Item # Q-08100WL
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used in Dr. Müller - Orbit, Onyx, Odyssey 29/3, Magna 3/33, AUVL SunStorm; SunVitale; TA SunTerrasse; Sportarredo Partial Body (older units).

Item # Q-01400WL
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is the 230v 1000w industry standard for Royal Sun, Galaxy, Speed 200, UltraSun, Sunvitale and many others.

Item # Q-1400LWL
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used in units such as UltraSun, ISO-Italia/Matrix, Chronos, King, Magic, Magic 636, SunSport Platinum (Italy made) and VitaSun.

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