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Item # Q-0800SI
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used in the UWE Silver Bullet (older units), SunBoard Facials (pre 2004), Sonnenbraune Diva 5, Atlantis and UltraBronz 924.

Item # Q-0900PIGH
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used in UltraBronz Supernova 821 and for facials in some Solarix units by Tan America.

Item # Q-0800PIY-L
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used in the SunItalia Saturn, units manufactured after October 2006. Older units can use model Q-08100PIGY. This lamp can also be used in certain Tanses units. This lamp can also be substituted for both Q-08100 PIGY & PIGH.

Item # Q-0800PIGH-E
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This lamp is used primarily as a substitute for Italian units, vertical and lay down, with parabolic reflectors.

Item # Q-0250PIGY
WattsVoltsContact BaseLife - Hrs
This is a shoulder tanner lamp used in equipment such as the Dr. Müller SunGate and various other European units.

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